About Foto Odyssey Design (and us!)

Mission Statement


To design high-end digital templates for professional photographers.


To journey to other lands gleaning cultural designs and inspiration.


To serve the poor and needy through mission work as we travel.

Foto Odyssey Design is dedicated to providing professional photographers with quality, high-end digital templates for their photo layouts. We want to make sure you get the best, and so we work hard to always do our best for you.

Since our beloved country is so diverse in cultures, we also want to provide different flavors of design. Because we don't want to simply rely on stock or internet photos to get our design ideas, we are committed to traveling to the places of our inspiration. We want to immerse ourselves in the culture, colors, texture, patterns, and feel of a place or country and then bring that experience back to design a new line for you with that flavor.

Our desire to go beyond ourselves, and what we have been blessed with, will be to do mission work while we're in that particular country. Ten percent of the profits of that particular design line will go back to the mission we worked at. So, whether it's digging wells in third-world countries, providing beds in orphanages, or building schools somewhere else, your purchases of those lines will continue to pay forward. We plan to blog our travels so you can be a part of what we do. So, please spread the word to other photographers and let your clients know what we're doing.

We will continue to provide the very best "American" designs for you between our travel experiences.


The Designers


Cathy Behrens

As Part One of our mother/daughter team, I have loved art my whole life (in one form or another) and had wanted to do graphic design for the past 20 years. But, life just didn't allow for the right opportunity. While Megan (see below) was getting her degree, I was drooling over what she was learning and decided that the Communication Art & Design program at Alexandria Technical and Community College was the one for me. So, yes, after waiting over 30 years for my college degree and then being able to do something I absolutely love, here I am!

Besides designing and loading the templates you see, I also handle the other business portion of Foto Odyssey Design: writing copy, accounting, contacting photographers, paperwork, research, etc. Freelance graphic designing is my work outside of the Foto Odyssey box.

I also love to paint, make music (record, too), read, watch movies, visit with people (especially my grandchildren), live my faith, and travel. Megan's silliness? Well, the nut doesn't fall far so you know from whence it comes.

I do have my own portfolio website you can check out, too: CBGraphicDesigns.

Megan Behrens

I'm Part Two of this mother/daughter team. Trained in Communication Art and Design at Alexandria Technical and Community College (I actually took the program before my mom), I graduated as one the top two students in my class. Along with designing templates like a Photoshop fiend, I handle most of the web portion of the business as well. I believe the correct term is Webmaster, which always makes me laugh—I just do what I can and learn what I can't.

Outside of Foto Odyssey I am an artist. I paint portraits and illustrate books, which means I usually show up to events with paint, charcoal, or pencil smudged on my face. It generates a lot of great looks from people.

As a person I am silly and slightly crazy. I think giggles are the best thing God gave us. I've started to live on coffee, which only accentuates my craziness. I love spending time with people. People are awesome. Friends are even more awesome. If I can't be with people then I read. I am most definitely a book worm. I love to read so much that I write as a hobby so I always have something new to read.

If you're interested in seeing more of my work, pop on over to my website, KreationArt.

(By the way, don't let the picture fool you. My favorite color is blue.)